My name is Lasha, I'm Web Developer from Tbilisi Georgia.
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About Me

I'm Lasha Kakhidze Web Developer from Tbilisi, Georgia. Studied Computer Science at Tbilisi State University and currently working as a freelancer. I've more than 4 years of experience. My hobies are playing football and watching judo. Feel free to contact me share your idea and I'll help you to build something great.


- Node.js, Express.js, Loopback, Sails.js
- MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
- HTML5 & CSS3, Responsive Design, Canvas(Create.js, Fabric.js)
- Javascript, AngularJS, ReactJS, ES6
- Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Istanbul, Jasmine, AVA
- Git, Bower, Gulp, Babel, Webpack
- Linux(Ubuntu)
- Node-Webkit


Working on startup: Usario as a Full Stack Web Developer from Jun 2016. Project associated with this work: Usario

Worked at KvSocial as a Web Developer from Jan 2015 to May 2016. Projects associated with this work: ADHero, PrezHero, ChannelHero.

Worked at Aurazenix as a Junior Web&Mobile Developer from Dec 2013 to Jan 2015.

  • Usario - Full-Stack Developer

  • Adhero - Javascript Developer

  • PrezHero - Javascript Developer

  • ChannelHero - Javascript Developer